Includes works of current faculty, emeritus faculty, in memoriam faculty and faculty on leave of the Peter A. Allard School of Law.


Submissions from 2017


Owning and Dissolving Strata Property, Douglas C. Harris


Property and Sovereignty: An Indian Reserve and a Canadian City, Douglas C. Harris


Property in the City: Special Edition Introduction, Douglas C. Harris and Graham Reynolds

R. v. Seruhungo: The Supreme Court of Canada 'Substantially' Affirms a Powerful Tool to Protect Against Wrongful Convictions Caused by Vetrovec Witnesses, Nikos Harris

Peter A. Allard School of Law Faculty News, Nikos Harris and Patricia M. Barkaskas

Reflexions sur les contours flous des limites entre travail domestique et servitude, Bethany Hastie


The Inaccessibility Of Justice For Migrant Workers: A Capabilities-Based Perspective, Bethany Hastie

Contract, Trust, and Corporation: From Contrast to Convergence, Adam S. Hofri-Winogradow

The Demand for Fiduciary Services: Evidence from the Market in Private Donative Trusts, Adam S. Hofri-Winogradow

Trust Jurisdiction Clauses: Their Proper Ambit, Adam S. Hofri-Winogradow

The 2017 Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, Lloyd W. Houlden, Geoffrey B. Morawetz, and Janis Sarra


Law and Economics Scholarship and Supreme Court Antitrust Jurisprudence, 1950–2010, Camden Hutchison


Progressive Era Conceptions Of The Corporation And The Failure Of The Federal Chartering Movement, Camden Hutchison

Progressive Era Conceptions of the Corporation and the Failure of the Federal Chartering Movement, Camden Hutchison

How Ontario Could Lead the World in Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Mark Jewett and Maziar Peihani

The Case Against Property Rights in Old Intangible Indigenous Cultural Property, Dennis S. Karjala and Robert K. Paterson

Constituent Power: Political Unity and Constitutional Plurality, Asha Kaushal

A Modest Case for Constitutional Limits on Electoral Reform in Canada, Hoi Kong

The Federalism Implications of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act Reference, Hoi Kong

The Spending Power in Canada, Hoi Kong

Two Conundrums of Canadian Administrative Law and a Theoretical Turn, Hoi Kong

Deliberative Democracy and Digital Urban Design in a Canadian City: The Case of the McGill Online Design Studio, Hoi Kong, Nik Luka, Jaimie Cudmore, and Andrea Dumas

Do Human Rights Impede Effective Counterterrorism?, Liora Lazarus

El terrorismo y la inseguridad de los derechos humanos, Liora Lazarus

Human Rights and Counterterrorism, Liora Lazarus

The Right to Security, Liora Lazarus

The Right to Effective Counsel and Guilty Pleas in Criminal Courts (A Comparative Report Prepared for Reprieve), Liora Lazarus and et al.


Aesthetics in Negotiation: Part Two: The Uses of Alchemy, Michelle Lebaron and Nadja Marie Alexander


Resistance, Resonance and Restoration: How Generative Stories Shape Organisational Futures, Michelle Lebaron and Nadja Marie Alexander

Introduction: Fusion and Creation, Ron Levy and Hoi Kong

The Cambridge Handbook of Deliberative Constitutionalism, Ron Levy, Hoi Kong, Graeme Orr, and Jeff King


A Critical Canadian Perspective on the Benefit Corporation, Carol Liao

The Changing Face of the Non-Profit Sector: Social Enterprise Legislation in British Columbia, Carol Liao

A Network Anatomy of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, Li-Wen Lin


Behind the Numbers: State Capitalism and Executive Compensation in China, Li-Wen Lin

Reforming China's State-owned Enterprises: From Structure to People, Li-Wen Lin

Administering the Charter, Proportioning Justice: Thirty-five Years of Development in a Nutshell, Mary Liston

Expanding the Parameters of Participatory Public Law: A Democratic Right to Public Participation and the State's Duty of Public Consultation, Mary Liston

The Evolution of the Rule of Law in Canada: Canadian Rule of Law: Past, Present, Future, Mary Liston

Halsbury's Laws of Canada: Personal Property and Secured Transactions, Bruce MacDougall

Never Had a Choice and Have No Power to Alter': Illegitimate Children and the Supreme Court of Japan, Shigenori Matsui


R. v. Safarzadeh-Markhali: Elements and Implications of the Supreme Court's New Rigorous Approach to Construction of Statutory Purpose, Marcus Moore


Solitary Confinement, Prisoner Litigation, and the Possibility of a Prison Abolitionist Lawyering Ethic, Debra Parkes

Canadian and International Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expression Systems, Robert K. Paterson


Maori Preserved Heads: A Legal History, Robert K. Paterson


Tripping the Light Fantastic: A Comparative Analysis of the European Commission's Proposals for New and Interim Financing of Insolvent Businesses, Jennifer Payne and Janis P. Sarra

Book Review of Resolution and Insolvency of Banks and Financial Institutions, Maziar Peihani

Disclosure of Climate-Related Financial Information: Time for Canada to Act, Maziar Peihani

Financial Regulation and Disruptive Technologies: The Case of Cloud Computing in Singapore, Maziar Peihani

From Kadi to Bank Mellat: Iran Sanctions and the Revival of the Due Process Dilemma, Maziar Peihani

The Model Law Approach: How Ontario Could Lead the World in Providing Certainty and Fairness in Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Maziar Peihani and Kim Jensen

Victim Law: The Law of Victims of Crime in Canada, Benjamin Perrin

Le Don en Famille, Alexandra Popovici and Régine Tremblay

Coordinating Human Rights and Trade Policy in China: The Case of Environmental Protection, Pitman B. Potter

Law and Art in China: Domination and Resistance, Pitman B. Potter


Moving Past Michelin: Towards Judicial Reconsideration of the Intersection of Copyright and the Charter Right to Freedom of Expression, Graham Reynolds

Locating Worker Power in a Changing Bargaining Scenario, Supriya Routh

Ubuntu as a Tool for Resilience: Arts, Microbusiness, and Social Justice in South Africa, Janis Sarra and Kim Berman


Fiduciary Obligations in Business and Investment: Implications of Climate Change, Janis P. Sarra


Illicit Exploitation of Natural Resources - Art. 28L Bis of the Malabo Protocol, James G. Stewart and Daniëlla Dam


The Ahistoricism of Legal Pluralism in International Criminal Law, James G. Stewart and Asad Kiyani

Opening the Ranks of Constitutional Subjects: Immigration, Identity, and Innovation in Italy and Canada, Francesca Strumia and Asha Kaushal

Flying Between the Lines: Drone Laws and the (Re)Production of Public Spaces, Kristen Thomasen

Reflections of Canada: Illuminating Our Opportunities and Challenges at 150+ Years, Phillipe Tortell, Margot Young, and Peter Nemetz

D'un ocean l'autre..." Recension de L 'essentiel du droit de la famille dans les provinces et territoires de common law au Canada de Nicole Laviolette et Julie Audet, Régine Tremblay

Submissions from 2016

Commentary on Obergefell v. Hodges, Erez Aloni


Pluralizing the 'Sharing' Economy, Erez Aloni


The Puzzle of Family Law Pluralism, Erez Aloni

Prayer for Relief: Saguenay and State Neutrality toward Religion in Canada, Ravi Amarnath and Brian Bird


Bordering the Constitution, Constituting the Border, Efrat Arbel

Don't Tell Me What the Papers Say: PJS v News Group Newspapers Ltd, Samuel Beswick

Critical Legal Studies and the Politics of Property, Brenna Bhandar

Status as Property: Identity, Land and the Dispossession of First Nations Women in Canada, Brenna Bhandar

Do We Really Need the Anns Test for Duty of Care in Negligence?, Joost Blom

News from BC Law Institute, Joost Blom

News from BC Law Institute, Joost Blom

News from BC Law Institute, Joost Blom

News from BC Law Institute, Joost Blom

Violence Against Women and the B.C. Family Law Act: Early Jurisprudence, Susan B. Boyd and Ruben Lindy

Men's Groups: Challenging Feminism, Susan B. Boyd and Elizabeth Sheehy

Economic Torts in Canada, Peter Burns and Joost Blom


WSÁNEĆ Legal Theory and the Fuel Spill At SELEKTEL (Goldstream River), Robert Clifford

WSÁNEĆ Legal Theory and the Fuel Spill at SELEKTEL (Goldstream River), Robert Clifford YELKATŦE


Destination-Based Taxation in the House Republican Blueprint, Wei Cui

Taxes Covered - Global Tax Treaty Commentaries, Wei Cui

What Should We Talk About When Talking About Tax Incentives and FDI?, Wei Cui


Doctoral Studies in Law: From the Inside Out, Dia Dabby, Bethany Hastie, and Jocelyn Stacey

Foreclosed City: A Barcelona Neighborhood Unites to Fight Evictions, Guillaume Darribau and Brenna Bhandar

Peter A. Allard School of Law Faculty News, Catherine Dauvergne

The New Politics of Immigration and the End of Settler Societies, Catherine Dauvergne

Toward a New Framework for Understanding Political Opinion, Catherine Dauvergne


The Modular Approach to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Insolvency, Ronald B. Davis, Stephan Madaus, Alberto Mazzoni, and Irit Mevorach


The Modular Approach to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Insolvency, Ronald B. Davis, Stephan Madaus, Alberto Mazzoni, Irit Mevorach, Riz Mokal, Barbara Romaine, Janis P. Sarra, and Ignacio Tirado


Alternatives to the Gift and Estate Tax, David G. Duff


Tax Policy and the Virtuous Sovereign: Dworkinian Equality and Redistributive Taxation, David G. Duff


Cinderella Story? The Social Production Of A Forensic “Science”, Gary Edmond and Emma Cunliffe

A Little Ignorance is a Dangerous Thing: Engaging with Exogenous Knowledge Not Adduced by the Parties, Gary Edmond, David Hamer, and Emma Cunliffe

Law as Politics: Four Relations, Julen Etxabe


Regulating Critical Mass: Performativity and City Streets, Alexandra Flynn

Concrete Suggestions Around Conflict Minerals and Corporate Supply Chains, Cristie Ford