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Canadian Journal of Family Law (Journal and Peer-Reviewed Series)

ISSN 0704-1225

We're happy to be releasing our content open-access. We are uploading our back issues starting from Volume 31 (2018) and working backward. Volume 32 (2019) will be available open-access one year after publication. Volume 33 (2020) and onward will be available open-access immediately upon publication. For information about our journal, including instructions for submission, please visit our website.

UBC Law Review (Journal and Peer-Reviewed Series)

The UBC Law Review is thrilled to be releasing our content open-access. We have uploaded Volume 56 (2023) to Volume 44 (2011) and are currently in the process of uploading previous volumes. For more information about our journal, please visit our website: www.ubclawreview.ca